Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jello Cottage Cheese Salad

Whats a Mormon recipe blog without Jello Salad? :p I never ate this stuff because I thought it looked (and sounded) gross...until I was pregnant with Evie, then I ate it every single week because its soooooo good! Perfect for summer!

Orange Jello Cottage Cheese Salad

1 container Cool Whip, 8oz
1 container cottage cheese, 12oz
1 small box orange flavored jello, 3oz
1 can mandarin oranges, 11oz, drained
1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional for some, necessary for me!)
1 cup mini marshmallows (optional)

Scoop cool whip into your serving bowl, gently fold in cottage cheese, dry jello powder, nuts, and mini mallows. For best consistency, refrigerate for an hour before serving.

Strawberry- use sliced strawberries and strawberry jello (salad will be pink!)
Pineapple- use crushed pineapple, drained and pina colada jello (salad will be white!)

~ Bethany S.

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