Sunday, September 9, 2007

Twice Baked Potatoes

*Bake potatoes @ 400 degrees for 2 hours*
*Take them out and let them cool*
*Cut the in half and scoop out the centers*
*Put that into the mixer*
*Add a cup of milk, 1/2 cube of butter, & salt to taste*
--------Potatoes should be fluffy and thin---------
*Scoop back into potato skins (fill them full)*
*Sprinkle shredded cheese over the top*
*Bake again until cheese melts*

Sorry, kind of strange way to write the instructions but
I didn't know how else to explain it!


Becky said...

These are one of our favorites. When I make them, I make almost a whole bag of potatoes...and instead of cooking them all the 2nd time, to melt the cheese, I freeze (what I am not going to immediately use). They freeze great and so much less hassle!! Take them out and cook them when you are ready!! (just a thought).

TheMoncurs said...

A tasty (and less healthy, of course) variation--I add a can of cream of broccoli soup and some sour cream to the insides before putting them back in the skins, topping with cheese, and baking them again. Sooo good.